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Dave my father agreed to all these conditions. At a later stage my grandfather gave some relaxation e. People had a simple life. Though there was no scarcity of the food grains, but the large common mass was several miles away from a simple luxury. Next day she would prepare leaf plates.

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When she would prepare plates and leaf bowls, she would be paid Re. When my grandfather returned to India he had rupees with him. He got the house repaired by a part of rupees. He joined the English school as the teacher in English. During this period he had also passed out Philosophy and Sanskrit Grammar from Kashi Vidyapith, which was considered en-par with post graduation. While working in the English School S. High School Lunavada , M. Dave was most popular among teachers and students. The Maharaja of Lunavada kingdom had banned any activity related with freedom struggle.

But the Swadeshi Movement cannot be banned. There by during the vacations, M.

Dave and his friends who were completely dedicated to Nation, used to travel on foot into the villages of Lunavada state and Punch Mahals District, for canvassing for Swadeshi. Since most of them were Brahmins they under the tradition, were not permitted to take cooked food with them, they used to take baked grams.

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Of course the Maharaja of Lunavada was not happy with Swadeshi movement within his kingdom. But some freedom fighters were arrogant and may challenge the action of the king, as by the law of the land, one cannot stop Swadeshi Movement, when it was not stopped in British India. On an occasion, Mahatma Gandhi ended his fast. While addressing a meeting organized for Swadeshi, M.

Gandhi has ended his fast. Dave from the job.

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His English typing job was also terminated. Young M. Dave was arrogant to some extent. There was a practice to submit a salute to the king when he was passing on the road. All the people on the road side would submit a salute. Dave used to look at him but never used to salute him. Maharaja knew this, but he used to keep mum. My grandfather told M. Why should you just insult the king for nothing? I think, this was a great advice. One should never invite trouble. When M. Dave was dismissed, his father had become very old according to that period. Probably he was 75 years of age. The jobs in governments were very few.

Dave my father, went to Godhra and some villages which were under British agency rule and did some teaching job. The salary of a teacher was very poor. That too, in a private school, it was very very poor. But the respect for the teacher was great. Mostly because they were Brahmins, and they were dedicated to their work. MY father had even gone to Hoobli of Dharavad Karnataka for a job for a salary of 4 rupees more. Once upon a time, my father suffering from a fever of F. There was a doctor 8 kilometers away from the village Jantral of Punch Mahal District.

The doctor used to give a good medicine. The medicine was perfect. But the Doctor used to charge 4 Anna 25 paise , for the first time. My father had no money. However he walked 8 kilometers all the way, with F fever, and reached to the physicians. My father told him that he was a teacher. He would give the charge, once he would receive the salary.

The physician was kind enough. He gave medicine. While working as a teacher or remaining jobless, he cleared the most difficult course of law and passed out the examination of Advocate. He became Advocate. The firm did not pay him a single penny for the work for whole of the year. Whatsoever earned so far got consumed. My father had started searching a job. Dave my father applied. Viththal Gadh was a very small state whose annual income was 1.

The king was calculative. Weight management. Safe period calculator. Fetal Growth calculator. Fetal Size calculator. Fetus week by week. Fetus month by month. Pregnancy Trimester. Signs or Symptoms of Pregnancy. Pregnancy Tests. Birth Control. Weight on other planets. See Mobile Version. Manubhai Shah or Manu Bhai.

Person with name Manubhai Shah are mainly Hindu by religion. Find compatibility of name Manubhai Shah with different names. Founder father of human beings. Indian , Egyptian. Sinh Leo. Suffixed Name:.

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manubhai shah astrology Manubhai shah astrology
manubhai shah astrology Manubhai shah astrology
manubhai shah astrology Manubhai shah astrology
manubhai shah astrology Manubhai shah astrology
manubhai shah astrology Manubhai shah astrology

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