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You will be feeling extra intuitive, which will be taxing on you, so any way to give yourself extra love will be of benefit. Your career path is moving along steadily, just as you've set it up to with your expert planning.

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However, expect that you will feel in a standstill this month, as you remain caught up in old hurt. One way to help you get through this is to take lots of walks. All Tauruses thrive near trees. Be near them this month and you will feel reconnected to who you really are and who you want to be. But if you endure it, a blue door will open somewhere near the end of spring.

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But it will take a suit of armor to get there. This year has already left you feeling exhausted. Every sign worries, but you probably do so the most because most of the time, you do it in silence, fretting inside but putting on a happy face for your loved ones. We can tell you that April will be the time to try and put your cares aside. You may never tell anyone—let alone that person—how you feel. The right time is coming—you'll just probably have to wait a little while longer.

Two things that are a bit incongruous are coming to your door this month: a more practical way of approaching your finances and day-to-day life, and a personal project that will ask you to delve in and put the rest aside. More important than even the future. Spend the other 50 thinking about what would have happened had you chosen to go down a different road. Being present is the key for you this April. The world tends to frame you as being methodical, almost deliberate, in all of your actions.

In truth, Virgos can get themselves into the most impulsively delicious bad love situations just as well as any fire sign. This month, you will find yourself embroiled in a sort of difficult but pleasurable situation when it comes to love. This may mean bursts of unbridled rapture with a new lover, or a renewed interest in your old steady. What it also really means is that you're going through a state of transformation in how you feel about love. Love is something you need to be dutiful about.

Let your feelings fly. You'll be surprised what heights you can reach when you do. Special thanks to the Gramercy Park Hotel, Dishful.

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If you were to meet model Ali Michael on a job, she might ask you to text your mom to find out the precise time and location of your birth, according to your birth certificate. Special thanks to the Beekman Hotel, Dishful. Bermannelli has a pair of tattoos to mark the day—on one arm, the Gemini symbol, and on the other, the number Bermannelli agreed.

Astrology is something that has fascinated Cleveland for a long time. But, born June 23, Cleveland also teeters on the edge of Gemini, with a moon in Libra, and she quickly reeled off qualities she drew from each sign: a facility with words, thanks to Gemini; a penchant for comfort and familiarity, thanks to Cancer; and an eye for aesthetics, thanks to Libra. She first began exploring astrology as a teenager growing up in New York City, where she would make pilgrimages to the occult specialist Weiser Bookshop on Lexington Avenue.

Since she first emerged into the fashion consciousness in —when she walked no fewer than 74 shows during a single season—Estonian model Alexandra Elizabeth Ljadov, a proud Virgo, has dipped into every facet of modeling, working both behind and in front of the camera on various video and editorial projects. She recently art-directed a surreal new video for rapper and Mr. Nicolas Winding Refn, watch your back. She also admitted to a bit of a perfectionist streak, as well as a need to balance her social obligations with time to herself.

That is a secret one. Wearing a crystal-encrusted grill across her incisors, transparent sunglasses whose lenses were dusted with glitter perhaps not the most practical, but cool as hell , and a fluffy, cropped bomber jacket, Jazzelle Zanaughtti—the model who is also known by her Instagram handle, uglyworldwide—strode into a sprawling suite at the Beekman Hotel on a recent March morning. Zanaughtti is a Sagittarius, the extroverted, adventurous fire sign—though she hardly keeps apprised of the migrations of constellations.

Nevertheless, she listed a litany of Sagittarian traits with which she identifies. The ritual, in addition to its cleansing properties, has another benefit: relieving the smell of cigarette smoke inside the flat. Just a few months later, designer Sarah Burton asked her back—this time, for the Fall season, during which she appeared along with the likes of Stella Tennant and Liya Kebede. The sign is also a reliably intellectual one. As her career has gained momentum, Teske, an aspiring lawyer attending law school in her native Netherlands, has put her education on a brief hiatus, but she plans to return to the books before long.

Mercury enters a retrograde period again on March Show up with it for someone this month. Your generosity is boundless, and spring is a season of boundlessness. There are many surprises in store for you this summer that will be put into motion by how generous you are with your time and emotions this spring. No one intends to hurt you. Show up and give yourself away. April will be about working hard. Your endurance will be tested in ways you cannot even fathom, as your work life will reach new heights of both success and what is expected of you.

You may look back at this time last year and laugh to yourself about how little you used to do. Are there things you could do each day so that you're more efficient? Try to incorporate some—it'll help in moments when you get deeply mired in emotions and reactions to life, and particularly, petty concerns. You'll continue to pursue love, too. Excitement is what fuels your heart. The truth is that time is long and time has already forgotten.

The Sagittarius is a sign that only moves forward. Sentimentality and nostalgia are not in your immediate nature unless you have a water moon. Our advice this April is to go forward in the most assertive fashion possible toward the things you love, want, and care about.

You will do this despite all your doubts, but imagine if you just left those doubts at home, turned the key, and walked out of the house. Make sure you leave the window open, too, so those doubts can leave for good. The word "no" is almost like an invitation for you. Remember that inside, the "no" is the "yes.

Sometimes, you can get stuck in a bit of a creative rut. With the new burst of spring energy in the air, now is the time to get out of this pattern. Try to think about the spring, which, of course, nature prepares for all year, as a gesture pushing you to new energy and uncontrollable desire.

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So there you are. If you do this, you will feel happier than you have in a long while. Spring is a time when you begin to remember all the important things. Not that you indulge in nostalgia often, but you will see how many old friends, feelings, and ideas come back to you this April. And you have.

If it's there, trust the romantic love in your life. It will grow even steadier. Lee J. Everything you need. Art Art Drawings. Books Accessories. Other Book Accessories. Children's Fiction. Children's Picture Books. Young Adult Fiction. Magazine Back Issues. Language Courses. Other Wholesale Books. Adhesive Tapes. Livestock Supplies. Wholesale Lots. Electric Motors. Industrial Robotic Arms. Linear Motion.

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