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Read more here about the upcoming celebration of the demon-slaying goddess.

The sun, along with goddess Venus , warrior Mars , and a very mindful Mercury are all joined with this new moon in sidereal Virgo. Virgo is the constellation of the earth goddess herself, who holds the seed of life in her hand. She is the wisdom of nature, the caretaker of ancient knowledge, and the goddess of self-understanding, and healing. With the power of the divine feminine rising on this new moon am PT , this is an ideal time to focus within on the feminine receptivity, as well as the generosity of mother earth itself. Where has your feminine side been wounded, disrespected, or ignored?

The new moon falls in the part of Virgo called Hasta nakshatra , the star of magic and manifestation. Writing, artwork, and all sorts of healing modalities done by hand, like acupuncture, massage, and reiki are supported by this new moon. Know your Vedic Birth Star?

Venus becomes visible at sunset as the heart-centered evening star, and will get progressively brighter each night through November. Like the Hindu goddess Laksmi, Venus gives financial abundance, connectivity, and enhances artistic expression. Stay open to connection.

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Mercury will leave Virgo the day after the new moon and create a formation called parivartana yoga with romantic Venus that can strengthen your ability to communicate emotions and heal relationships. The goddess will grow even stronger after Oct 3, when Venus moves into Libra, the sign that she rules. This is a unique window for healing and creative expression, especially for Libras and those who are in a dasha cycle of Venus. To learn more book a Vedic Astrology Reading. A formation called Kala Sarpa Yoga — the serpent of Time — continues through November, with shocking political and natural events that can shift public awareness and accelerate the pace of change.

Kala Sarpa Yoga is said to awaken the Naga dragons, the primal life force and ancient wisdom that resides deep within us, and within the earth itself. With the healing power of the goddess emerging on this new moon, this is the time to connect to your inner goddess and also the mother earth itself. How can you protect and empower the parts of yourself that you may have given up in the past?

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Autumn Skye. The harvest full moon of Sept 13 pm pt is between endings and new beginnings.

The Full Hunter's Moon: Full Moon for October | The Old Farmer's Almanac

This is the final full moon of summer and falls just a week before the equinox - the tipping point between darkness and light. It holds the fiery power of death and is a doorway to transformation and new life. Naga snakes are the kundalini shakti that supports all life on this planet, as well as the evolution of spiritual wisdom.

This full moon has the power to trigger strong dreams, deep meditation, and can thin the veil that separates us from the spirit world. Pitru Paksha , the fortnight of the ancestors Sept , also begins on this full moon. This is an auspicious window of time to honor loved ones who have passed away, and help heal ancestral karma. Avoid intoxicants and disempowering attitudes, like victimhood and escapism. With a fiery aspect from combust Mars , this full moon carries a courageous fire for visualizing and fighting for your dreams.

Take heed, from Sept , communicative Mercury and love-centered Venus will be in graha yuddha — planetary war. Travel delays and difficulty in expressing feelings is common.

Be careful of misunderstanding in contracts and agreements. The heavy weight of the karmic task master, Saturn , is now at a dead stop on the tail of the eclipse snake , Ketu. This volatile influence has been stirring up unrest and shifting karmic patterns on a global level. If you have been experiencing a sense of time speeding up or slowing down , accompanied by stress or unease, stay focused on your inner world. Try meditation, mindful relaxation, or take a gentle yoga class. Wise Saturn and liberating Ketu both facilitate spiritual breakthroughs.

Saturn turns direct on Sept 18, beginning an important shift for healing, self-understanding and recovery. You can learn more about how these influences affects you by booking a one-on-one Vedic Astrology Reading with Kari. The day before the Bhadrapada full moon is celebrated as Ganesha Visarjan , when clay idols of elephant-headed god, Ganesha are immersed in rivers and lakes.

Venus enters Scorpio

Lord Ganesha , who is the breaker of obstacles, always returns to be immersed each year. Just as clay dissolves in water, life always changes and transforms into something new, but the source of life and truth will remain the same. Self-care is such a nebulous term. Make sure this full moon that you know the difference because self-medicating and self-care. The difference between is but a silken threat.

By identifying unhealthy coping mechanisms, you are investing in your future happiness. Remember April 5? Because all that situational life-stuff is hanging around for a reason. This full moon, fine-tune your path and intentions from the last new moon. History repeats itself until we make a conscious effort to fuck it up. Unresolved issues may boil up this full moon. Sometimes plucking at threads makes a bigger mess, you know?

Resolve the challenges as best you can and let go of the rest. Let this full moon teach you how to unclench your fists, sweet Capricorn. This full moon has your head full of poetry and your heart full of songs. Follow inspiration without the need for a finished project.

Planetary Trends for October 12222

Not everything has to be finished or for sale—especially not your creativity and unique way of looking at the world. Make something and show no one. Transformation is never easy.

But hang in there. But it is worth it. Do what you need to survive, OK?

Recapture your imagination and change your life

There you have it, sweet signs. Good things are here and coming. I hope you get to taste it all. Share Facebook Pinterest Twitter Tumblr. What's hot. Image: Sprios Halaris. Tags: astrology Full moon. Facebook Pinterest Twitter Tumblr Instagram. Facebook Pinterest Twitter. Post to Cancel.

blue moon november 5 2019 astrology Blue moon november 5 2019 astrology
blue moon november 5 2019 astrology Blue moon november 5 2019 astrology
blue moon november 5 2019 astrology Blue moon november 5 2019 astrology
blue moon november 5 2019 astrology Blue moon november 5 2019 astrology
blue moon november 5 2019 astrology Blue moon november 5 2019 astrology
blue moon november 5 2019 astrology Blue moon november 5 2019 astrology

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